Light Age, Inc. is a privately held US corporation, incorporated in California with principal offices in New Jersey. Light Age is a global supplier of advanced and state-of-the-art laser systems and related technologies. Light Age focuses on the creation of innovative products that serve human needs. Its innovations span a very broad range of needs from basic science to cutting edge applications enabling breakthroughs in clinical practice, advanced therapeutics and diagnostics, advanced manufacturing, government applications, and research in the basic and applied sciences, medicine, and industry. We have also played a major role in pioneering and establishing numerous advanced applications based on solid-state laser media and nonlinear optics.

Today, Light Age is the leading supplier of alexandrite laser systems worldwide for almost every application from fundamental research to laser hair removal to atmospheric lidar. Products are sold under its own name brands and in OEM and embedded products distributed by other device manufacturers. In addition to volume product manufacturing, Light Age develops custom laser systems and new laser capabilities under contract and in strategic partnerships. Light Age frequently develops laser systems with flexible and/or highly specialized capabilities for applications requiring new, difficult, and sometimes seemingly impossible laser characteristics.

In 1977 Light Age scientists discovered the world’s first commercially useful, tunable solid-state laser technology. Since then they have continued to make landmark advancements that have permitted the critical control of almost all laser characteristics: power, pulse energy, wavelength, bandwidth, spatial and temporal pulse properties, and highly efficient directly diode-pumped laser systems. Laser systems based on these advancements have been developed to serve a myriad of specific applications in the medical, industrial, scientific, and government systems markets. Among its many honors, Light Age was selected as one of the very first awardees of the US Department of Commerce’s Advanced Technology Program.

In 2003 Light Age moved to its new 40,000 square foot headquarters at 500 Apgar Drive, Somerset, NJ 08873, approximately 35 miles (60 km) from New York City. Light Age continues to serve the needs of its many thousand customers, large and small: These include many agencies of the US Government, international research organizations, universities and governmental research laboratories across the globe, many of the world’s largest corporations, as well as small start-up entrepreneurships.

Today The Company is still strongly committed to serving its customers’ needs and offers a high level of support services in addition to expert consultation on virtually every laser device and application. Light Age routinely solves “impossible” laser and laser applications problems and develops new lasers and new laser technology to meet the world’s ever increasing laser needs.

Light Age’s modern 40,000 sq ft facilities include advanced state of the art R&D laboratories where engineers and scientists develop, integrate, and test laser systems, and an ISO Certified manufacturing facility for laser system production. Its management and regulatory systems are fully certified and audited by various agencies of the US and other governments ensuring its products, including their design and development meet or exceed industry standards and are compliant with all applicable standards and requirements.

Light Age makes world-leading products for dermatology, podiatry, plastic surgery, and aesthetic laser applications. Such as: laser hair removal, tattoo removal, treatment of pigmented and vascular lesions, and for clearing fungally infected and dystrophic nails. our advanced medical applications include lasers for high precision tissue cutting and neurosurgery, and for new diagnostic systems for tissue visualization and tumor detection.

Light Age, often in collaboration with customers, including government agencies, university research laboratories, and medical centers, designs and develops advanced laser systems for custom applications ranging from lidar, next generation surgical techniques, and for researchers in the physical and biological sciences.

Capabilities include electronics design and testing facilities, clean rooms, and extensive optical inventories. Light Age has in-house capabilities for developing software for laser system control and application integration. Light Age, Inc. has fully equipped laboratories for state-of-the-art laser system testing and characterization.

Light Age scientists invented and pioneered certain basic laser technologies including: the alexandrite laser, the first wavelength versatile solid-state laser technology, diode-pumped tunable lasers, ultra-narrowband tunable lasers, and high power tunable lasers.

Light Age research laser systems are uniquely capable of generating light at any wavelength from the mid IR to the deep VUV, in any pulse format, and with any spatial or temporal composition. Suitably designed and engineered laser systems can be made to provide light with any characteristics light is capable of having.

Core expertise include: custom laser system development including extensive experience in alexandrite and other tunable and wavelength versatile laser systems: unique Raman conversion systems and technologies, fiber-optic coupled light sources; development of laser systems incorporating non-linear optical process, electro optical systems design and development, dedicated control systems, user interfaces, and custom hardware and software development that provide application-specific control and operation of laser systems.

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