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Defining the state-of-the-art, the EpiCare™ Family of Advanced Laser Systems represent a revolution in next-generation technology. Designed for those who require the very best performance and additionally desire the lowest treatment cost.

The Q-Clear™ Laser System is a revolution in size, simplicity, and price. Providing the performance expected only from much more costly, but less versatile, large-box systems. The Best Laser for treatments of patients with fungal nails.

The Ta2 Eraser™ tattoo removal laser system is proven to remove tattoos of all types. This innovative technology is based upon Alexandrite Lasers operating at 755 nm which is the ideal laser for the removal of blue, green, and black inks.

  • I have used many and different lasers in my private clinic. I didn't know Light Age and I didn't know EpiCare. When my staff and I saw and used the laser, we were just amazed. Faster than anything I had ever used in my career as a Dermatologist, very reliable with great efficacy. Everything else is just a cheap copycat. My EpiCare™ never overheats, never stops, and with the great service I get from the manufacturer, I have tripled my practice in less than a year.

    Dr. Kostantinos Kalokasides, MD, PhD
    Dr. Kostantinos Kalokasides, MD, PhDProfessor of Dermatology, Aristotle University
  • I have multiple lasers in my office and 4 set aside solely for laser hair reduction.  Without a doubt, my Light Age LPX Alexandrite is the best laser for hair reduction I have ever used.  It is the fastest (significantly reducing treatment time), most cost efficient to run, least painful, and most effective.  The variable pulse width allows me to treat a wide variety of skin types.  There is currently an 8 week wait in my office to get an appointment on my Light Age, while some lasers sit idle.

    Dr. Bradley A. Bodner, DO
    Dr. Bradley A. Bodner, DO

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