Defining the state-of-the-art, the EpiCare-DUO™ laser system represents a revolution in next-generation technology. Designed for those who require the very best performance and additionally desire the lowest treatment cost, the EpiCare-DUO™ laser system provides astonishing value – setting a new standard unmatched in the industry.

The unmatched Epicare™ reliability and Light Age’s reputation for quality customer service help preserve your profits and your sanity.

10 Reasons to purchase an Epicare™

1.Greater Patient Satisfaction
2. Much Faster Treatment Speed.
3. More Predictable, More Consistent Treatments.
4. Greater Reliability (less downtime)
5. Greater Versatility
6. Treats All Hair And Skin Types
7. Far Better ROI.
8. The Best Service And Support In The Industry.
9. The SmartScreen™ User System.
10. Upgradeable And Better Made In The USA.


Our Clients mostly use it for:

  • Hair Removal
  • Pigmented Lesions
  • Scar Reduction
  • Wrinkle Reduction

Clients testify that provides:

Safety 100%
Efficacy 100%
Performance 100%
Reliability 100%

The Light Age, Inc. EpiCare-DUO™ Laser System is intended for use in general and plastic surgery, dermatology, and podiatry for the treatment of vascular lesions, benign pigmented lesions, for removal of dark tattoo inks and reduction of hypertrophic and keloid scars, hair removal, and for stable long-term, or permanent hair reduction. Permanent hair reduction is defined as long-term stable reduction in the number of hair regrowth after a treatment regime on all skin types (Fitzpatrick I-VI including tanned skin.)

Alexandrite 755nm

• Hair removal, and stable long-term or permanent hair reduction through selective targeting of melanin in hair follicles on all skin types (Fitzpatrick I-VI) including tanned skin. Permanent hair reduction is defined as long-term stable reduction in the number of hair regrowth after a treatment regime. The number of hairs re-growing must be stable over a time greater than the duration of the complete growth cycle of hair follicles, which varies from 4-12 months according to body location. Permanent hair reduction does not necessarily imply the elimination of all hairs in the treated area.

• Treatment of vascular lesions
• Treatment of benign pigmented lesions.
• Treatment of wrinkles.

Safety & Efficacy

In nearly two decades of use, with over 3 million treatments performed, the EpiCare™ product family has been proven to be clinically safe, with no reports of significant patient nor operator injury.

Nd:Yag 1064nm

• Removal of unwanted hair, for stable long term or permanent hair reduction on all skintypes Fitzpatrick I-VI in cluding tanned skin.

• Photocoagulation and hemostasis of pigmented and vascular lesions such as but not limited to port wine stains, hemoangioma, warts, telangiectasia, rosacea, venus lake, leg veins, and spider veins and poikiloderma of civatte. Coagulation and hemostasis of soft tissue.

• Benign cutaneous lesions such as warts, scars, and psoriasis.

• Benign pigmented lesions such as, but not limited to, lentigos (age spots), solar lentigos (sun spots), café au lait macules, seborrheio keratoses, nevi, chloasma, verrucae, skin tags, keratoses, tattoos (significant reduction in the intensity of black and/or blue-black tattoos) and plaques.

• Pigmented lesion size reduction in patients with lesions who would potentially benefit from aggressive treatment, and for patients with lesions that have not responded to other laser treatments.

• Reduction of red pigmentation in hypertrophic and keloid scars where vascularity is an integral part of the scar.

• Treatment of pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB).

• Treatment of wrinkles including but not limited periocular wrinkles and perioral wrinkles.

By marrying the very best 755 nm long pulse laser system on the planet with a similarly robust 1064 nm laser system, it treats the widest range of aesthetic indications far better and far faster – literally obsoleting everything that has come before. Your time is important, and most procedures can be completed in half the time, or less.

Typically, this saves much more in personnel and facilities than all costs associated with the laser system! Extra speed also increases patient satisfaction while decreasing operator fatigue, and it means more treatments can be performed each day, increasing revenue. Treatment time and efficiency are optimized everywhere: changing wavelengths at the touch of a button; changing spot sizes without recalibration; and the new lesion modes permit practitioners to switch seamlessly from one indication to the next.

The EpiCare-DUO™ system is all about providing value and utility to your practice: From its heavy duty construction that insures its renowned durability, to its space-conserving design that respects the value of your floor space, to the stress-reducing, incredibly lightweight, ergonomic handpieces and fiber delivery system – every feature of this system has been thoughtfully designed for maximum benefit. Beyond this, the EpiCare-DUO™ system has features galore, including the world’s smartest, friendliest user interface: internet linked and featuring Light Age’s amazing SmartScreen™ system.

The SmartScreen™ system not only keeps track of your patients and their treatments and billings, it literally organizes your business. It authorizes access, tracks system usage and treatment costs, and helps customize treatment pricing to maximize profitability. And, it lets you keep on top of all this from anywhere in the world.

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