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Ta2 Eraser


The Ta2Eraser™  is a high-performance and affordable Q-Switched Alexandrite laser from the inventors of the Alexandrite laser. The system is a premium blend of Light Age’s laser expertise and the most effective technology for treating a broad range of tattoo pigments and pigmented dermal and epidermal lesions.

The 755 nm wavelength maximizes beam penetration for optimal clearance of black, blue, brown and green tattoo pigment, and effective treatment for benign  epidermal lesions such as ephelides (freckles), and solar lentigines, as well as dermal pigmented lesions like Nevus of Ota, and with reduced risk of collateral tissue damage or scarring.

Advanced features include nanosecond domain pulse duration for maximum photomechanical effect, red aiming beam for precise targeting, and efficient and reliable articulated arm beam delivery-no fibers to break or replace.

As an alternative or as a complement to a Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser, the Ta2Eraser™ is an excellent choice for any physician planning to develop a clinical laser practice.

This tattoo removal laser system can also be used as an excellent complement to other tattoo removal lasers which do not work well on these color inks.

Ta2 Eraser™ tattoo removal laser system

is FDA cleared for safe and effective removal of:

  • Tattoos
  • Pigmented Lesions

including but not limited to:

  • Birthmarks
  • Age Spots
  • Nevus

The Ta2 Eraser is the most powerful Q-switched alexandrite laser available, and is useful for green, blue, and black tattoo pigments as well as flat pigmented lesions like solar lentigines, and macular seborrheic keratoses in patients with Type I-IV skin.

Certain nevi such as Nevus of Ota and Nevus of Ito are best treated with q-switched alexandrite lasers such as the Ta2Eraser™, and laser treatment would be part of a treatment program for melasma as well.

Typically topical anesthesia would be used for tattoo treatment, but pigmented lesion treatment is typically performed without anesthesia and is well tolerated by patients.

A particularly useful application would be photo-aged skin in the decollete area and face where dyspigmentation can be treated with little risk of scarring.

Indications of use

US FDA 510(K) 980131

 Light Age, Inc. Ta2Eraser™


The Light Age, Inc. Ta2Eraser™ is a flash-lamp Q-switched solid
state laser producing a broadband wavelength of 755 ± 25nm.

Intended Use:

The Ta2Eraser™ Alexandrite Laser System is intended for:

  • Light and dark ink tattoo removal
  • Pigmented lesion removal

Safety and Efficacy

The Light Age Ta2Eraser™ does not raise new questions of safety or efficacy.

Laser MediumAlexandrite
Operating ParametersQ-switched
Pulse Duration75±25 ns
Pulse EnergyVariable up to 800 mJ
Spot Sizes2 - 6 mm
Repetition RateVariable up to 10Hz
Laser CoolingClosed Cycle water-to-air
Electrical Input220/240V AC Single Phase, 30A
Height39"/100 cm
Width19"/48 cm
Delivery SystemArticulated Arm

Before and After Pictures